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e-Detailing Specialists

DoctorNet has the largest, highest quality medical industry email address database in the world. You can use our database for email broadcasts to doctors and email broadcasts to medical industry companies.

Over 450,000 email addresses for doctors in over 60 medical specialties.
Over 250,000 medical industry business to business email addresses for decision makers and thought leaders in over 80 medical industry market segments.

Medical industry email marketing to doctors and companies is the future.
Let DoctorNet take you there!

Increase attendance at your medical meeting or convention exhibit booth.
Contact medical companies for business to business relationships.
Send email to your doctor customers through name to email match.
Increase medical industry targeted traffic to your web site.
Send press releases to doctors and the medical industry.
Send email to doctors you haven't previously contacted.
Increase effectiveness of sales reps and detail people.
Tap the medical expertise of doctors with surveys.
Acquire new leads for your products and services.
Promote continuing education courses to doctors.
Make special offers for products or services.
Increase your advertising and marketing ROI.
Announce and promote products or services.
Perform medical industry market research.
Offer hospitals services and products.
Enroll doctors in clinical trials.
Contact hospitals for placements.
Contact medical administrators.
Recruit doctors for jobs.
Boost your bottom line.

The medical industry is the largest industry in the world.
DoctorNet has the world's largest medical industry email database!

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