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Pharmaceutical E-Detailing

Pharmaceutical companies are realizing they can reach doctors more effectively over the Internet, instead of sending pharmaceutical sales representatives to doctors offices to promote drugs.

The Internet is rapidly transforming Medical Detailing to E-Detailing!

DoctorNet has the largest, highest quality medical industry email address database in the world, a perfect tool for E-Detailing. Here are examples of how our clients use DoctorNet for E-Detailing:

  • Deliver video to doctors using the Video Email Service
  • Invite doctors to attend CME courses on the efficacy of new drugs
  • Broadcast surveys to doctors to collect marketing and clinical information
  • Invite doctors to preview a new E-Detailing web site
  • Promote a web site that provides drug samples
  • Point doctors to a web site that provides drug information
  • Announce new drugs or new research results
  • Offer seminars or promote medical conventions

With DoctorNet E-Detailing services, you can reach thousands of doctors instantly. Best of all, you can also get instant feedback using DoctorNet's Hit Counter and Email Lead Archiving Services. You can also identify doctors uniquely through embedded identifier codes.

If you have names of doctors but lack email addresses, you may be interested in our DoctorMatch Service.

Don't take our word for it, look at our growing list of clients.

To learn more about E-Detailing, please read the following articles by our E-Detailing expert, Robert Cykiert, MD, President of DoctorNet:

· E-Detailing, the Missing Link
· A Doctor's Perspective on Detailing

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