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Video Email Broadcast

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video clip is surely worth millions of words. Nothing beats video for grabbing attention and increasing your leads!

Click Here to Play the Video!!!
Click on image to play the video.

Now you can enhance your email broadcast with video. Recipients of your email can click on a link to your video clip just as easily as they would click on a link to your web site. When they click on your video link, your video will play on their computer in full color and stereo sound. That is a significant attention grabber associated with your email. Think of the extra time the recipient will spend with your message!

Video Email Broadcasts are a major breakthrough for DoctorNet email marketing to the medical industry, and it can significantly add dazzle to your products and services. We've found there is a genuine excitement and curiosity when a video clip is presented through an email message, we are sure you will feel similarly.

With your Video Email Broadcast, you can duplicate what the broadcast and cable TV industry is doing at a minute fraction of the cost. With Video Email Broadcasts, your message is very focused only on the distribution list for your email.

If you have an existing video, we can convert it and prepare it for your Video Email Broadcast. You'll be excited with the results since your video will get distributed far beyond your current audience.

If don't have a video already, you now have a strong incentive to produce one. Talk to us and we can offer you advice on how to proceed.

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