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  1. What does DoctorNet do?

    ANSWER: DoctorNet owns a huge, ever growing database of Doctors' email addresses in multiple medical, surgical and dental specialties. We provide email services to companies that wish to Broadcast targeted marketing or informational email messages to these doctors.

    DoctorNet also owns a growing database of medical industry business to business (B2B) email addresses. This database is organized by medical industry segments. For example, medical devices, drug companies, pharmaceuticals, dental companies, etc. We provide email services to companies that wish to Broadcast targeted marketing or informational email messages business to business.


  2. Why Broadcast emails to doctors?

    ANSWER: Health care industry changes have forced most doctors to work longer hours and see more patients just to maintain their revenue stream. As a result, doctors have less time to read medical magazines and look at ads in medical journals. Doctors also often ignore direct mail marketing materials and faxes sent to their offices, preferring to see what is filtered for them by their office managers.

    In contrast, studies by the AMA, the Harris Poll and other organizations clearly show that the vast majority of doctors now have personal email accounts that they use for business and personal reasons. Doctors review their email at their leisure (before or after business hours) when they are most likely to be open and receptive to new ideas. Our studies show that only a very small percentage of doctors turn down the opportunity to receive email messages from companies that they may do business with.

    Email is also more focused and targeted than ads in medical magazines and direct mail (or faxes), resulting in far better lead production and increased revenues in comparison to older methods of marketing and promotion. Email far surpasses other media for interactivity because doctors can immediately reply to you with the click of a mouse, and just as easily be transported to your web site. You can quickly and easily adjust and fine-tune your future messages to doctors based on the responses, results and feedback that you get. This allows you to quickly accommodate and adapt to changing market and business conditions, and stay ahead of your competition.

    Email is much more economical than other forms of marketing, thus reducing your costs, turbo-charging your sales and improving your bottom line.


  3. Why Broadcast emails Business to Business (B2B)?

    ANSWER: The medical industry is the largest industry in the world. DoctorNet has the world's largest medical industry email address database. There is great benefit in targeting the promotion of your health care industry products and services to the companies that need your services the most. Almost 100% of health care companies are on the Internet and use email extensively for business transactions. Email broadcasts represent a great marketing leap forward that provides capabilities no other medium can. Email broadcasts also complement your other marketing and advertising approaches to help build your presence and brand name.

  4. What should be included in the content of the email message that we send to our doctor customers?

    ANSWER: Until recently, it appeared that the most effective way to sell to doctors was to visit doctors in their offices - Detailing. There are about 70,000 pharmaceutical detail people trying to reach over half a million doctors in the USA. This costs pharmaceutical companies over $7 Billion annually, yet it only reaches 40% of doctors for an average sales call of less than five minutes! This system is costly, very inefficient, and far too expensive for most companies. The Internet is changing that rapidly and is placing medium and smaller companies on a level playing field with Fortune 500 medical companies. Detailing by Email, or eDetailing, is rapidly becoming the next best thing to a direct visit with the doctor, and because of decreased costs, and increased efficiencies, may eventually partially replace it. It is certainly far superior to a magazine ad, direct mail or fax message to a doctor.

    Just as you would carefully plan a sales visit to a doctor's office, we recommend you carefully plan and write your targeted email message to deliver relevant, focused information to the doctor in a short, informative and entertaining manner. Combining value added information with the marketing message is very effective, and can make the doctor look forward to future messages from you. Contests, coupons and discounts as a reward for responding to the email are highly recommended and have repeatedly been found to be very effective incentives.


  5. What specialties are in your database?

    ANSWER: Our database grows daily and is continuously freshened. We currently have over 200,000 Doctor Email addresses in over 55 medical specialties and subspecialties. Please contact us for the details of any specialty that you are specifically interested in. If we don't currently have that specialty, our staff can do the research and usually get it for you quickly.

  6. Can I purchase your database of doctor email addresses?

    ANSWER: We own the largest database of doctor email addresses and are the leaders in the booming medical email marketing industry. Our list is not for sale and we do not license it to anyone. However, through our service, you can use it to Broadcast customized messages to doctors that are your customers, and potential future customers. There is no better way to generate new leads.

  7. Does the email we send to doctors come from, or does it come from our company?

    ANSWER: The email letter that is sent to your doctor customers can originate from your email address ( This assures that doctors will respond directly to you and completely bypass us when they reply to the email you sent them. That maintains 100% confidentiality between you and your customers. However, some of our clients prefer that we use our email address as the FROM address and get all email replies from doctors and then forward those to the client in a more concise format. This saves some clients time as they do not have to review each individual email.

  8. Can the emails contain links to our company web site and to email addresses in our company?

    ANSWER: We encourage you to include many links in your email message to doctors. With the click of a mouse on the email text, the doctor can be immediately transported to your web site that contains additional information about your company, products and services. Similarly, the email letter can contain email addresses of individuals in your company that the doctor can reply to by clicking on them. You can't beat that for interactivity! Of course, your email message can also contain the traditional address, phone number and fax number of your company.

  9. We are interested. How do we get started?

    ANSWER: Simply email the content of the message that you want to Broadcast to your Doctor customers to

    If you need assistance composing the email message, we can provide that for you as well. We have lots of experience doing this for companies of various types. We can optimize and tweak your message so that it will grab the doctors' attention and increase the likelihood of replies from doctors and more valuable leads for you. It is in our interest for you to create an effective and successful email message and campaign since your success assures repeat business for us.

  10. Can we see what the email looks like before it is sent to the doctors?

    ANSWER: Yes! Before we send the final email out to the doctors, we will work closely with you on creating a DEMO message. Only when you are completely satisfied with the appearance and content of the DEMO will we broadcast it to the doctors, upon your approval.

    Formatting, designing, and creating the DEMO email for you is a FREE service from us. The better the email message the more likely you'll get replies and leads, and the more likely we'll get repeat business from you.


  11. How long does it take to do a Broadcast Email and how does it work?

    ANSWER: After your approval of the final DEMO version, we can usually send out the Broadcast Email within 24-48 hours. We realize how important marketing is, and how urgent it is to sometimes send an email message to your doctor customers just before a major medical convention. Our staff often works nights and weekends (at no extra charge to you) when there is a deadline involved.

  12. Do any major companies do eMarketing?

    ANSWER: Many Fortune 500 companies, including major pharmaceuticals, have started using email campaigns to promote their products and services to targeted audiences. These companies have spent millions of dollars collecting email addresses of consumers and potential new customers. They usually outsource the complex task of simultaneously broadcasting a message to thousands of customers in short notice. has done all of the difficult work for you: we've compiled an email address database of your most valuable customers, and we can Broadcast your letter to them at any time that you request. All you need to do is compose the letter, and we can help you with that as well.

    We have done email broadcasts for several medical Fortune 500 companies and can provide you with references from many of our client companies.


  13. What is the best way to reach DoctorNet?

    ANSWER: Email is best! We conduct almost all of our business via email. Our staff communicates internally via email, and we communicate with our customers via email. We negotiate via email, we reach agreement via email and we sell email services. Email is our bread and butter! Contact us.

  14. Who runs

    ANSWER: Robert Cykiert, M.D., F.A.C.S. is the President and Director of Telemedical Solutions, Inc. and it's subsidiary, DoctorNet Email Broadcasting Service, both of which have been in business since 1995. Dr. Cykiert is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist since 1981, and is a Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the NYU School of Medicine.

  15. What does eMarketing using email cost?

    ANSWER: That's the best part, eMarketing is very inexpensive!

    Sales Empowerment: DoctorNet Email broadcasts can propel your sales by empowering you to reach huge numbers of doctors with targeted and focused email messages! The doctors' email addresses are categorized by medical specialty, are continuously updated and the email broadcasts cost less per doctor than any other advertising medium, by far.


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